Valincy-Jean Patelli, G.O.A.T,  2016, Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 24 inches

Valincy-Jean Patelli

Valincy-Jean Patelli lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, Germany. Her process begins with stories from her ancestors, blending them with historical and pop culture references from the Black American diaspora. Inspired by what has been handed down through generations, her artifacts and heirlooms offer radical, ardent storytelling with imagery that is classical and visceral in effect.

Using three-dimensional texture and bold color phrasing, Patelli’s paintings and sculptures are non-literal, intuitive and marked by light. She mixes traditional materials with non-traditional techniques, which include works on paper, wood and canvas, using twine, metal, plaster, acrylic, and spray paint to create layers of texture.

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