MOOSH, Life of Nyabinghi Diptych 2, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 in. per panel



Gerald Nyamwihura Mushumbusi (a.k.a. MOOSH) was born in 1989 at the source of the Nile, in Jinja, Uganda. After losing his father to AIDS at seven years old, MOOSH’s aunt, a professional artist and teacher, became his guardian, and introduced him to art. She taught him basic drawing techniques and the principle that everything in nature is made of geometric shapes. Those lessons are fundamental to his work.

At thirteen, MOOSH moved to New York to be reunited with his mother, who had moved to the States after his father died, seeking medical treatment for her own AIDS diagnosis. It was in New York that MOOSH discovered his passion for pop art, street art, and contemporary art. He claims inspiration from Keith Haring, Frank Stella, Hans Hoffman, Mark Rothko, Fernand Leger, Takashi Murakami, KAWS and LEGO, among others. MOOSH incorporates complex geometric shapes, symbology and patterns to create works that reflect on religion, history, culture, fertility, spirituality and consciousness.

MOOSH has collaborated with Creative Control, Burton Snowboards and Bloomingdales. His work has been shown internationally in group exhibitions, featured by New York Magazine and is held in international private collections.   

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