Viaticum IV, 2015-2016 |  Pigment on silk organza and stretched felt  |  Edition of 3  |  photographic image courtesy of Marina Najjar

Kaylin Andres

Kaylin Andres received her BFA at California College of the Arts in 2010. While pursuing a career in textile & fashion design, Kaylin was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. In subsequent years, she has battled numerous reoccurrences and is now considered terminal. During those years, Kaylin transitioned from fashion to visual art, collaborating and working with many influential artists.

In her previous exhibition in 2014, Chemosynthesis, Andres explored themes of Vanitas and the transformative properties of illness. Her journey as a young adult with cancer is chronicled on the MTV series World of Jenks, and in her colorful graphic novel Terminally Illin’, published by Last Gasp.

Andres has garnered a large audience through her blog, Cancer is Hilarious, where she documented her years of battling cancer with unnerving honesty and a heavy dose of sarcasm. She has worked with notable fashion designers such as Betsey Johnson and Rachel Antonoff, and collaborates with visual artists in NYC. Kaylin continues to advocate for young adults with cancer, and has been featured on NPR's The Takeaway, BBC Radio, MTV Act, The Huffington Post, and Planet Cancer.

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