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Emily Weiskopf,  The Getaway,  2019, Relief print on BFK Rives, 30 × 22 in

Emily Weiskopf, The Getaway, 2019, Relief print on BFK Rives, 30 × 22 in

Emily Weiskopf: Relief Prints

On View Via Artsy beginning May 2, 2019

Jenn Singer Gallery presents Emily Weiskopf: Relief Prints, the artist’s first print release since 2012, created during her 2019 residency at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas.

Emily Weiskopf’s interdisciplinary work explores ideas around flow, translating energy and rebuilding connections in an increasingly fragmented world. By using line as a foundation she seeks to create physical representations of energetic waves and pathways.

For this new series, each work on paper was first conceived through collage. Weiskopf then designed the individual polymer plates and mounted them, leaving each relief print unique and embossed.

The Texas hill country, home to Weiskopf’s studio after a recent move from Brooklyn, NY, warmer days and a trip to Costa Rica inspired the resulting colorful, abstract prints.

Weiskopf’s minimalistic impressions reflect a sense of new adventure, warmth and joy, along with a bit of nostalgia for home and the slate waters of NYC & New England, where the artist grew up, lived and worked for many years. She feels these new explorations ignite hope and a sense of childlike whimsy as a reminder to embrace the adventure of life. 

As Weiskopf states, “In my imagery, I attempt to access the point where magic-spirituality, anthropology, art and nature intersect. I strive to transcend the feeling of expansion, time and memory, which can only happen if the metaphors transcend the ‘messages’”.

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