Carey Maxon, Stradarancio, 2019, oil on paper, 12.75” x 17”

Carey Maxon

Carey Maxon (b.1978 in Fairfax, CA) received a B.A. in Art History/Studio Art from Barnard College. Known for her drawings and paintings incorporating dot work, Maxon’s surfaces range from minimalistic repetitive abstractions, to more frenetic works, some with distorted figures, landscapes and text.  

With an interest in community building, introspection, and how psychological studies would influence her art, Maxon earned her MA in Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology at Saybrook University and pursued post-graduate studies at the CG Jung Center of New York. 

From 2000-2003, she lived on an olive oil farm in rural Italy. Here, Maxon studied the mindset of a farmer and describes it as the epitome of a self-sustaining relationship with the natural world. This time abroad had a strong influence on her studio work and world-view and after returning to New York City, she immersed herself in a broad range of service settings -- psychiatric hospitals, teen centers, elderly care facilities, homeless services clinics, and the food industry.

Throughout these varied pursuits, Carey Maxon maintained an active interest in acute observation and analysis of the systems – both physical and psychological – that form the fabric of human existence. Her studio work centered around an approach akin to clinical techniques taught in depth psychology.

Her artwork has been exhibited in New York at Pierogi, Miyakoyo Shinaga Art Prospects, French Neon & Jenn Singer Gallery. She was part of the collective Project1981 and worked as an assistant to printer Maurice Sanchez of Derriere L’Etoile Studios from 2008-2016.  

Carey Maxon's drawings are held in international private collections as well as major public collections including the Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

Maxon has recently returned to the same olive oil farm in Italy and continues her work as an artist and farmer.

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